Your barrel, your whisky.

Are you a whisky enthusiast? Do you have one in your life?

Imagine you could take on the role of the Scotch Whisky Master Blender.  Painstakingly selecting the maturation conditions to forge the notes of flavour into a whisky that is unique to your very own palate.  To produce a high-quality whisky to call your own.  One of a kind in the world, authentically yours, but without having to wait decades to get there.

Finally, that day has arrived.

80% of whisky's character comes from the cask it is matured in.  So at the Wee Barrel Company, we have developed the world's first entirely authentic whisky barrel for the aspiring Master Blender to follow the exact process in the comfort of your own home.

Our barrels match the real thing in every way; every dimension, every cut. There is no other way to get so close to the real thing.